dimanche 4 mars 2012


Rico a friend of mine just came back home for a month,he brang me some surfboards he use to surf on the  famous beachbreak of hossegor,where he  is actually a surf instructor.
Modern shortboard i should say.... but i knew that rico was an open minded surfer,part time finless lover,log rider...so i just could trust him and i was really stoked when he show out this early flashy 80's surfboard.
This board really reconcile me with shortboard lines,this shape is a like an evoluated single fin who didn't want to loose his roots.Rails are 70/30 boxy all away long a bit pinchy in the tail,flat deck,flat bottom and an undectable rocker from tail to nose,widest point is in the "middle and a bit forward" like a classic gerry lopez single fin.
rico told me that this board works really good in massive beachbreak of la nord,graviere... i do not doubt of it.
i wonder how this board will work with a semi flexible fin,yeah for sure i will try it soon,need to make some arrangement before why not a medium 60/40 rail  and a light belly bottom,hum need a template now... 
i just forget to mention the name of the shaper: ARAKAWA
thanks eric for the good time we had 
see ya!

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